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Scoop end for dried boogers and loop end for sticky boogers; Great for little ears too; BPA, Latex, and PVC Free; Bear-head safety design prevents oogiebear from going in too far up baby’s nose and ears; FDA classified medical device

Last updated on November 15, 2020 7:24 pm


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  1. Bersbrina

    I feel like a fool for spending $13 on this tiny piece of plastic, but my baby who normally won’t let me anywhere near her nose DOES let me stick it right up there 😛 minus one star for the ridiculous price, but darn it, it’s effective.

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  2. Stefan Urquelle

     We use the suction type devices for wet mucous but for more viscous, dried up stuff we always used q tips. While q tips work it takes a while of digging to get everything and my baby isn’t a big fan of it. He wiggles and fusses and is just generally displeased with the entire experience.The oogiebear works really well. The bears protruding ears make it so that you can’t push the device too far into your baby’s nose. The material is also soft and comfortable for baby as well. The little scoops on either end do a great job of fishing out boogers and my baby doesn’t seem to mind much at all. I agree with another reviewer here though that said that, for the price, there should be a little case included. Other than that I really like this.

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  3. Miyu

    So I’m confused about all the good ratings because I had confidence in my purchase and knew it was completely useless after two tries. (To note, my little one is 12 months.)1. The bear part is too close to the scooping part. I could barely get in little ones ears.2. She won’t let me pick her nose either because (again) the bear part is too close and she finds that uncomfortable.Is this meant for really small babies that can’t fight against things they don’t like yet? I’m just disappointed I wasted my money.

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  4. Jasmin Gomez

    The swabs are great but i only received one package…i was suppose to receive 2..

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  5. Kayla Gonzalez

    Let me start off with saying that I always thought that these were just a stupid expensive, unnecessary baby item and come to find out I was the stupid one here! These things are absolutely awesome! I would have never known the true need for these if it were not for Amazon’s buy $100 worth get $20 off sale and if I had more than $110 in the bank at the time I placed my order lol. Anyways my oldest was born in 07 and it took until just now for me to find this truly necessary godsend! First of all I thought I did an efficient job at cleaning my kids ears along with my own before these but I was wrong! I always stopped in the ear canal at what I thought was the perfect place to not hurt my babies and turns out I was coming up short because I was afraid of hurting them and I was always hurting my own ears and so was my fiancé but then these came along. Now I clean my children’s ears so much better I know for a fact because I’m confident that I’m not hurting them with these so now I actually get everything and it’s the same with my ears it’s crazy how well these things work. I didn’t even say anything to my fiancé and he used them and said they were awesome, his ears felt cleaner and they didn’t hurt. So the saying you can’t teach an old dog new tricks is definitely wrong because after 3 kids now onto my 4th I will never again use any other q-tip ever even for us adults, for now on this is all I will ever buy until the end of time. Honestly they are a lot cheaper as well because you use 1 for both ears just 1 side per ear instead of a bunch per ear. Who woulda thought. Also thanks to Amazon I got them for a lot cheaper than I would have from any other store. So happy I got these!

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  6. LaylaQ

    Honestly this is a good product with reasonable price and good absorbency. However I give it 4-star because this is not something what I expect at the beginning. I was searching for swabs that baby can use not only in the ear but also their nose. Apparently this product is too big from baby nose which is not defined in the description. And the image provided on the product page only shows what a package look like from the outside of the box so I don’t actually know there is no precision head on the swab. So it is a good product but just watch out whether it is actually what you need.

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  7. LHall

    Nice product…good feel…would repurchase. Wish you could buy bulk in regular plastic bag and refill container versus getting a new container with each purchase.

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  8. MS

    My sister had told me about qtips for babies when I had a new born. Finally I decided to buy them after a year and I wish I bought earlier. These are really easy, gentle and safe to clean baby’s ears. Definitely recommend.

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  9. Krissy

    These are the ONLY cotton swabs I have, and will continue, using on my toddler! They are amazing quality, and at an even better price point! Highly recommend

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