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Help keep your curious tot in the child-friendly areas of your home with the Safety 1st Vintage Grey Wood Doorway Gate. This attractive wooden gate has an understated look that blends easily with many different home decors. The pressure mount design is great for hallways and doorways and can be…

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9 reviews for Baby Gate

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  1. ChicagoChicago

    If you are like me, you are looking at this because you want to put up a sturdy gate to prevent your little four-legged loved one from getting into something – a room, or down the stairs.This is meant to give you peace of mind – well look elsewhere. This gate is weak..flimsy and can’t even hold back a hamster. Not to mention that if you ever want to use it, its incredibly hard to open.There are tons of other options, look elsewhere.

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  2. Frank V

    This gate is a great buy. Under $20 and works well. There is a nice lever that you push down to secure it into place. At first, it takes some time to figure out how much spread the gate so that when you push the lever down it fits perfectly. But once you do, you’re all set.

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  3. Shana & Dan

    We had to return the one we ordered because only one side had the rubber bumpers, without the bumpers the left slide kept sliding and tilting. Disappointed it came defective.

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  4. Himeko Shima

     Purchased back in September of 2015 to keep our newly adopted pup from our furniture (we weren’t sure at the time if she would tear up through our furniture if we left her alone). The gate did its job just fine. But then again, we have a 25-lb Chihuahua mix, so we didn’t need a massively sturdy gate to keep her at bay. Now, we did take care of my friend’s 40-lb Shepherd mix who had some major issues with thunder. He would get pretty panicky during a storm and constantly jumped and leaned on the gate. I’m happy to say that he never toppled the gate over. He did manage to jump over the gate some how. Don’t know exactly how, me must have used some secret Parkour skills or something to get over it. So, as far as sturdiness goes, it passes by my standards.As it relates to durability, I see no issues. Of course, we don’t have kids pull on the bars and bang on the gate, so I just may have not seen any of the issues just yet. If I do, I’ll likely update this review.As far as operation goes, I like the old version better. The old version was probably a tid bit easier to open with one hand. Now I read a few complaints that this gate requires two hands to open. That’s not true, just look at my video. It’s possible to open with one hand and really isn’t that hard. May take a bit to get used to, but not impossible like some reviews make it seem to be. The major downside I see in the operation of this gate is that it only opens in one direction. The old version of the gate opened both ways, which was really convenient. That said, make sure you have the gate opening in the direction you want. Don’t want to second guess yourself in the middle of installation because its a pain to loosen everything up and flip it around.Setting up the gate wasn’t hard, but it wasn’t super easy either. You have got to screw those side bars out pretty far to close the gap between the gate latch and the post. And the farther it goes, the harder it is to turn, so get ready to put some elbow grease into it. Once you have the gap small enough so that the gate can lock in place and stay secure, its pretty much guaranteed to be rock solid. One recommendation: buy and use the “Wall Savers for Pressure Gates” if you can (the pressure mounts puts some massive point pressure on your walls). If you don’t, you could damage your wall. In my case, my opening was too narrow to fit the wall savers, so I had the pressure mounts pushing directly against the wall. It didn’t damage my wall, but it did peel off the paint. In an effort to prevent this from happening again, I cut piece off of a Kleenex box and put it between the pressure mount and wall.In conclusion, as my headline says, this gate does its job, at least for me. As I mentioned earlier, the real major negative on it is that it only opens in one direction. Now if you have 70lb and over dogs to keep at bay, not sure if it’ll be able to handle. My take is that it should, it would just take some major tightening of the pressure mounts.

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  5. Norma (amazon customer)

    This gate is well made and a good gate. I have only one comment. IF your doorway is 33 1/2″ you will NOT be able to use this gate. Without the extension the gaps on the side are too large, with the extension the bars are 1/2″ too wide to go in the doorway and believe me I tried. I have an old house and the wood is hard and the bars don’t give. And before anyone mentions the gate having give I know that, that was not the problem, I had it pulled in as tight as it would go. The smallest doorway the gate will fit WITH the 6: extension would be 34″ and you would not be able to use the additional “cups” with that width. Just my two cents worth.

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  6. Winterdream

    I see a lot of people complain that it came bent or that the latch doesn’t fit to the door. Well if you would take the time to read, you would see that it is meant to be that way. So when you returned it and then had the same issue… Well because its made to be like that. You obviously didn’t read. It is bright orange and hangs right by what everyone is claiming to be defective!!! Just read people. Here I posted a photo of what you neglected to read!!!I bought three of these gates and they worked perfect for the space I needed them for. Though if the space was getting to big then it didn’t seem as strong. But if trying to gate a smaller space this is great!!! Like I said I bought three and they are wonderful! Just try to use for the smaller allowed setting and it will be great. If you go for the larger end of the settings it make be a but flimsy.But again!!!! The door is supposed to be slanted before installation!!! Read the instructions people!!! I mean for come on how did you miss the bright orange paper that hangs from the gate? It says it is not a defect right there!I will get again if I need for other spaces.The gate when open is a bit narrow but nothing that is a problem for me. But if I could recommend anything I would say make the gate open a bit wider. But someone else posted picture with person trying to walk through so have a look.

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  7. Katarina

    I was hesitant based on reviews of them being flimsy and cheap but I’m happy with these gates.I was dreading buying baby gates because they’re just so tacky looking. These are very nice looking and fit the style of our house. The true color of the wood is in the close up photo. For whatever reason, further away it appears darker than it really is.These appealed to me because they are easy to put up and down, I wanted to be able to stash them away to make the house look nice when we have company over in the evenings. They are truly easy to put up and down. I used a marker and marked which slot to use so that it’s even quicker. I took note from previous reviews that said they break easily from too much tension so I fit the doorway just a little too loose then went one notch past that and they’re very secure. So far my 7 month old stands up and pulls on them and they haven’t come down. They’re a good height in my opinion, we can easily step over them (5’8” and 5’10”).Oh and as you can probably see in the photos, I have baseboards and they install well there.Really I don’t have anything negative to say about these!

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  8. J R

    I give the color 5 stars. It took me several minutes vs seconds to lock into position. Poor latch mechanism. Ok if you plan on leaving in a fixed area for a time. If you hate stickers do not buy this! Large , non-removable, very visible sticker. After all we are buying this gate for its aesthetics. As you can see I tried to remove it at the top. If you are buying for a dog that tends to chew at the gate don’t. The circular mesh area is a thin plastic.

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  9. Austin Reviews

    The fence looks great and goes nicely with my restoration hardware decor. But I can see if you’re not careful, you could snap the arms. (which only happens if you over tighten between the walls.) This does not work well if you have floor moldings around the room, the rubber stoppers are tight at the bottom but too loose at the top. Obviously that’s because the floor moldings are further out than the walls. It fits flush and securely in the doorway though. I’ll probably just add rubber washers under the top rubber stoppers to compensate for the floor moldings width. Easy fix but if I move gate from door to hallway, it won’t fit in the door way securely then. small problem for a really nice look. SO even though it’s a bit flimsy, it fits securely when properly installed.

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