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Every baby needs a place to play. With the Tummy Time Prop and Play mat, your little cub will have the coziest space to do just that Plush and padded, this polar bear mat offers support for all your baby’s wiggles and kicks. The sweet matching prop pillow gives baby a lift as she learns to push…

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  1. Ashlee C.

    I was initially concerned because when I got them I saw that they’re marked 6+ months, which I didn’t notice before. My son is just past 4 months. I just used one though, amd let me tell you, they’re awesome!! I wouldn’t recommend for learning to self feed, because of the length of the handle, but for Mommy feeding they’re great!! He was able to get the food off really well, they wipe the ‘face bites’ really well, reach to the bottom of the jar without covering your fingers in food, and get literally EVERY last bite!!

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  2. Rahani

    Thought these would be good for my grand babies! The price was reasonable but when they arrived I saw the shape of the spoon and did not like it!! It is more rectangular like a shovel! Call me old fashioned but I much rather use a rounded spoon, something narrow and can easily go in a tiny babies mouth!Quality is nice! But just not an ideal shape and size for a infant! Long handle is great for moms but for a toddler trying to self feed? Forget it!! They need something more their size!I ended up order the take and toss ones cause it’s more for beginners!! These are big like for a toddler!See pic comparison … there was just too much I did not like about this spoons. Quality being the only thing I liked!Not a spoon set I’d recommend for under 12 months even tho it says 6 month

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  3. Shanna

    Love these spoons! They are the perfect size and shape for babies learning how to taste new foods and for babies that can already devour it. The square shape also seems to make it convenient for several different types of foods, from purées to more solid choices. I’ve been able to mash, “cut”, stir, and let her sip liquid with ease. Unlike some other brands I’ve tried the colors on these haven’t faded nor has the spoon material seem thinner after several trips through the dishwasher. My little one has a few teeth and hasn’t bitten through them so they’re definitely durable, but also soft enough to not bother sore gums. The rest part is one of the best features! I got so sick of me not paying attention and just setting a spoon down and realize that I needed to grab a new one. These do not touch countertops or tabletops when laid down properly. The handles have great grips for both me and my 9 month old. The shape also seems to stop her from gagging herself.! I bought two packs of these and don’t plan on changing anytime soon.

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  4. Taiepg

    Thought I order some new white onesies because baby out grew the current ones. She’s 4 mths and I ordered 12mths Gerber onesies and they are way too small. They are the same size as her old ones🙄. I don’t kno who does these actual sizes on these baby clothes🙄. I shared my photo please view for reference. (Carters is from Amazon “Simply Joy by Carters”) it’s more expensive but it’s great quality! Highly recommend over the Gerber ones seen here.

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  5. Megan F.

    I’m giving you a fair warning that wasn’t given in the description.ORGANIC COTRON SHRINKS A LOT! I’ve bought tons of Gerber onesies for my kids over the years and never had a problem with the fit or quality, but these ones were different. They are made with organic cotton and when you wash and dry them they will shrink several sizes! I compared the 12 month onesie after I washed and dried it to a 3-6 month onesie and they matched! So I basically had to spend my money twice to replace theses organic cotton ones!

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  6. Jhdz15

    When you wash they shrink!! If you buy go for a bigger size than needed. Other than that they are good. But this seems to be true for all onesies of this brand. On the pic you have a Caters 3 month vs a Gerber 3-6 months!

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  7. Chris

    My daughter hates tummy time. Absolutely, positively hates it. Instead of doing anything tummy time was intended for, she would just lay flat, freeze, and cry which (a) completely defeats the purpose of tummy time and (b) just made her miserable without any benefit.I won’t throw on the hyperbole and say she loves tummy time now but she certainly tolerates it a lot more with this product. She’s a little more patient now that she’s propped up, she reaches for the toys (whereas you could put a toy right in front of her before and she’d just look at it while crying), and she’s more willing to move around and use her arms. Whereas a five minute session was an intolerable eternity to her before, she can go 15-20 minutes a couple of times a day without getting too perturbed.

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  8. Thomas

    Our baby HATED tummy time and would not tolerate more than a few seconds of tummy time prior to this despite us trying all kinds of things (mirrors, high contrast books, propping with pillow under arms, putting our dog in front of her :), toys, encouragement, etc). We were getting worried as we knew how important tummy time is for proper development and meeting milestones. However, her first time on this mat she lasted 5 minutes and soon worked her way up to 15 minutes and now at 5 months loves tummy time and is already starting to crawl.I think the pillow greatly helped her feel less vulnerable since her face was no longer flat on the floor and I would also add a larger mirror which she loved! Great product and held up well despite being made of part cardboard. You do need to keep shifting baby forward or else our little one would rest her head on the pillow which somewhat defeats tummy time

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  9. RumbleintheBay

    Save your money, forego the $70+ activity gym and get this instead. Truly one of the best baby products I’ve purchased. It’s designed especially for tummy time which most babies merely tolerate if not outright hate. I love the pillow which elevates their upper body enough to help them engage with the toys. And it comes with several rings for attaching the included mirror, soft rubber teether, round rattle and plush toy with crinkle paper. I love that the mat has the ability to be tented so my baby can look into the mirror easily. Plus the mat is machine washable! They recommend to only spot clean the pillow but I’ve thrown that into the wash, too, and it was fine. I can’t recommend this product enough!

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  10. Jessica

    We received one of these rattle teethers in a different color as a baby shower gift, and our daughter started going crazy for it at about 3.5 months old. She would play with this toy for longer than any other, and she had a lot! We even ended up purchasing this pink colored one, so we could keep one at home and one at daycare. You CAN’T beat that, especially for the price! The combination of the rattle, teething petals, and easy to grip ring made it perfect for our daughter, and I would highly recommend as a gift or for purchase for your own

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  11. Brooklyn Sanders

    Super cute rattle for teething babes! The only complaint I have is that the beads on the bottom hurt my baby when she bites down on them too hard. I wish they were silicone so she could use them for teething too!

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  12. Amanda

    Mommy’s too! I loved this little toy! It fits conveniently in a purse, diaper bag, whatever little bag you have. I was using a super small bag for awhile and it fit this and my credit cards. I had to buy a car with a four month ols, and this toy saved my sanity. This toy hapopens to be the perfect shape to hold your baby in your lap facing away from you and you can hold them with the same hand you hold this with. YOU’RE WELCOME!!!! Life changer. That’s what this little flower thing is. It’s freedom. This fascinated my daughter everywhere we went and I bought a second one to keep in the car, the other stayed in my purse. Buy it. It’s worth it, I promise!!

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  13. swillionaire

    Bought these to tie dye clothes so I’ll already have some gender neutral baby clothes on hand before when baby gets here. Very cute, washed well in cold and hot water. Excited to see how they look on baby.

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  14. ssp

    I purchased this for my two month old daughter hoping she could wear it on days we were home. It looked a little small for 0-3 months but I decided she could wear it till she outgrew them. I washed them on cold and dried them on delicate on the lowest heat level. They came out way too small. Pretty sure there is no way to dry them without it shrinking. I compared the Gerber newborn, 0-3, and 3-6 month onesies. Then I compared it to my carter’s 0-3 month onesie and noticed how narrow and long it was. Definitely need to order a size up in Gerber. My 2 month fits their 3-6 month stuff now and she is 10 pounds.

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  15. Haztive Dominicana

    The only star they get is their brand, but everything else fails in the test. After reading all the other reviews, I bought them, buying the size of 3 to 6 months for my newborn; however, even with the larger size, these vests fit very badly, the cuts on the legs go up a LOT and the bottom with the snaps seems very narrow. The diaper makes it slide to one side or the other and the baby ends up with an uncomfortable and unattractive ONESIE THONG. They also lose points because they do not have the same size inside the package, each one has a slightly different size and shape and they became more deformed after washing. “When I bought these, I thought I was getting a basic item for my newborn’s wardrobe, not so, it just was not worth the trouble, the constant concern for the comfort of the baby and the pull and pull constantly to put it back in its place … I tried to use each one at least once to see if there was Some in the lot that fit well.

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